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Nach dem Camino, Teil III

Gerade hat mir mein lieber Pilgerfreund Leo eine Anekdote beziehungsweise Metapher geschickt, die perfekt in die Kategorie „nach dem Camino“ passt und die ich somit gerne mit Euch teilen würde:

One of the last days of our Camino in 2017, I was leaving a church and talking to Mary. I told her I was afraid to loose that connection with myself I found on the Camino, and the connection with the Camino Spirit and with my fellow pilgrims. She stopped next to me while we were walking trough a bridge over one of the many rivers in Galicia, and she looked me in the eye and said: „Isn’t It true that this river will continue to flow after we go back home? Isn’t It true that our hearts will still be connected after we go back home? Isn’t It true that the silence we found in that church will still be inside us after we go back home?“

Weiter geht’s mit:

And she also said that the river of our lives were really wide and peaceful in this moment, but future moments will come which would be narrow the river and would be aggressive and violent, other moments would wide the river again. But the important thing to know is that after our Camino experience, even when the river narrows, it is wider than the narrow moments before the camino.

And the goal was always be widening the river, in every moment.

– Words from Leo and Mary, 2017

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